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Daily Weather Summary Observations by criterion and year

Day timings Each meteorological day (or row) is calculated from observations between midnight/9 am/10am on the date shown and midnight/9 am/10am the next calendar day
Period found on file
How To Use a Query_string Note that to specify an ampersand you actually use the following sequence of characters: &
To choose starting month and/or starting criterion: use a 'Query string' after the URL (before any 'fragment identifier') with this format:
"file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/test/daily.html ?criterion=rainfall&end-month=0&end-year=2012 #table_container
The 'end-month' attributes in query string that follows question mark takes values between 0 and 11 representing months in the year
Hover over criterion or year navigation buttons to see examples of what other attribute and value pairs to use in query string that follows question mark
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